We guarantee all merchandise in writing with a full description as to approximate age, origin, condition and repair, if any, for all purchases. In describing items for sale, we clearly and unambiguously note any repair or restoration that, in our opinion, has an adverse effect on an item’s monetary value. In general, we do not include detailed discussion of obvious signs of use or age that would be expected to have developed as a natural consequence of the passage of time. If by any chance we miss a significant problem, we will promptly take back the item in return for a full refund (limited to the amount of its purchase price).

Approval Terms

All items purchased from us via our website are sold on 48-hour approval from receipt except by prior agreement. All sales are final after that time. However, our guarantee remains in place permanently.

Payment Terms

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and transactions via PayPal. We also accept cashier’s and personal checks by prior agreement. We offer a layaway program and an extended payment plan on more expensive items.


We know your collection is valuable from both a monetary and sentimental perspective. We have assisted many collectors in cataloging, appraising and dispersing their collections. We are available to consult with you and do a full or partial appraisal and help you disperse your collection so you realize the maximum return for it.

Auction Representation

We can offer you our professional expertise in the formation of your collection via private sales or auctions. No matter how much knowledge you have amassed from reading, visiting collections, attending shows and auction previews, you are on your own. We can help you. The unprecedented hype of free catalogues, ten pages of ads in the “Bee” and “MAD” as well as full color ads in The Catalog of Antiques and Fine Arts and now the internet, have made an enormous amount of objects available to everyone, everywhere. Today, you can open up a catalog and see millions of dollars in beautiful objects, pick up a phone or computer and never leave your living room as you fill it with wonderful objects. The major problem with this approach is that the item(s) you buy have not been vetted by a qualified expert. This is how major mistakes are made by collectors.

Here’s what we will do for you:

  • Verify authenticity and originality, plus value. Don’t be fooled by auction estimates. You need a knowledgeable expert to protect you from auction hype.
  • Prevent buying mistakes. We can provide added assurance in bidding at auction. Is the object “right?” Are there condition issues that make it less than desirable? How much is it worth? Some auction houses do NOT guarantee their descriptions. Auction houses represent the seller. They want to sell at the highest possible price. We’ll help you avoid “buyer remorse.”
  • We will provide you with a Condition report and advice as to valuation. With our representation, you will have our knowledge of how auctions work, and we will act on your behalf without any conflict of interest. Upon purchase we will give you a written Guarantee, for the full amount paid with a full receipt.
  • Guide and shape your collection, following your lead. You can spend a lot of money on “things.” Even if you have done your homework and your objects are original, a collection must have direction. We can help you find your way.
  • Find the objects you want. We have the resources, either directly or as your representative.
  • Protect your anonymity. All of your transactions are discreet.
  • Added confidence to buy “right” at auction for a low fee.
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